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Hippie Pants

I put on my hippie pants today. They make me think of Mazzy Star. Mazzy Star and My Hippie Pants bring me back to where I thought I was going. I thought I was going To New Mexico with Holly and Mark, or backpack in Europe, but somehow that got screwed up. I also thought I was going to work as a fisherman In Alaska, I even bought a motorcycle. I was going to ride it, in my hippie pants, across Canada, And I thought about how cool I would be, pulling up along some pier on my Harley with two-day old whiskers Scratching my face and my dick hard with the thought of a month and a half of ocean… And the smell of dying fish.  The Harley now sits in my yard with a for sale sign, And the only time I smell anything vaguely like the smell of dying fish, is when Holly comes over in a sundress. Mark told me she only bathes About once a month, but he still sleeps with her, which is ok if ya like that sort of thing.  Mazzy comes into the thought, because throughout the dreams I've had to New Mex…

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