Monday, August 29, 2011

Observation on The Radio Flyer

  Arguably, one of the most important inventions of all time is the wheel, but let’s be honest, the wheel is useless until it is connected to something, and I argue that the first, the best, and the most important wheeled vehicle is the wagon -followed a close second by the tractor –which for all intents and purposes was invented to pull a wagon. To be sure, all modern vehicles are just improvements on the wagon. The stagecoach -that’s a covered wagon. Big rigs and trains are just pulling big wagons.  Actually, the Daimler Reitwagen, the world’s first internal combustion motorcycle is translated as "riding wagon”.  
  Now, I can hear you commenting through your computer’s microphone (yes, I can hear you and you should be ashamed, but happy that I can’t see you), that perhaps I should include the car as the best wheeled invention. First, as I’ve already stated (weren’t you listening?), all wheeled vehicles are just modern wagons, but most importantly, the car is too destructive to be listed as the best, but that is an observation for another day.
  Oh, the wagon; transporting the items in our lives that we find too heavy or cumbersome to be handled by our imperfect bodies. Why didn't your god create us with wagons attached? No matter. No worries. Because some early, and most likely hairier version of humankind, named Grog, sat by the fire (pretty important discovery in its own right) and began to come up with the first draft of the wheel… and for that we now can safely pull our belongings – lawn chairs and coolers packed with our beer and cold cuts-- to places where lawn chairs and beer and cold cuts are most needed. Thanks Grog, you hairy little life saver.  

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