Monday, August 15, 2011

An Observation regarding Mascots.

My nephew had a birthday party at a nationally franchised children's food and game restaurant (can you guess which one?) and I began to think about mascots.
To be completely forthcoming, I am fascinated by mascots. When I'm at a sporting event, and I love sports, I can't keep my eyes off the big creature roaming around the arena or stadium. My favorite team could be marching down the field for a touchdown or turning a triple play or sinking the winning basket (yes, I realize I've  mentioned three different sports. It was for literal affect. [BTW... I also know the rules for effect and affect, so "f" off if you dare question my grammar]) AND I would still be fixated on whatever mascot happened to be at that particular game. Why?
Well, first let me tell you that I do not like clowns. I'm not scared of them, nor do I hate them, but I also do not think that they are particularly funny and I see too much of the actual person just behind the silly layer of make-up. The mascot, however, is the thing I think it is. I don't see the 22 year old, paying his/her college tuition by taking the job. The Philly Fanatic is the Fanatic. The San Diego Chicken is the Chicken. I know, in the deep recesses of my mind that there is a person underneath the costume, but I get lost in the moment. Again, why?
I believe it has to do with that fact that we the audience cannot see who is playing the character. The performer garners immense power from that knowledge. He can now act as the character would act, without repercussion, for it is not he who throws the popcorn down a large breasted woman's blouse, it is in fact just the big, fuzzy-headed, mute, animal thingy that has full run of the place. And you ask "why do you like mascots?", because mascots can do what we can't. Popcorn and blouses. -The G.O.

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