Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seasons in the Sun

  Okay, officially the end of summer, for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, (and to be even more specific, the few of us who live in upstate New York -along the 43 parallel- maybe that’s too specific) does not occur until the autumnal equinox. This year that occurrence will happen on September 23rd. So, from the day I post this blog, we “upstaters” will still have more than a month of summer. However, we usually associate the end of summer with the start of the new school year and the celebration of Labor Day. We “upstaters” also have an understanding of the long winter season that will be upon us before most of us realize that the leaves have fallen from their branches. And that understanding is why the end of summer comes with a hint of nostalgia.

  Autumn is a fine a season, one of my favorites in fact, but let’s be honest, there are only four. We look forward to most seasons as a change from the last, but with winter we “prepare to hunker down” and we leave summer with the wish that it had lasted longer. So, do not end your summer when the kids go back to school. Do not pack your swim trunks. Do not drag the grill into your backyard shed. Do not change the happy summer playlist on your mp3 player to the gloomy winter playlist the day after Labor Day.
  Instead, swim, grill, and play the Beach Boys and Katy Perry for a few more weeks. We will all be dressing in layers soon enough; knocking the snow from our boots as we walk in our chilly houses. I say stay in your sandals -remembering please, to clip your toenails- until a cold, wet, orange, leaf gets stuck to your heal. I’ll see you in a few months as we commiserate and ask, “Is it cold enough for ya?” Until then, save a shish kabob for me –I’ll bring the sangria.

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