Saturday, October 1, 2011

Leaving The World of F'Book (for awhile anyway)

Social networking is easy enough. Post your thoughts, and your "friends" read and react. However, the difficulty in social networking is the "social" part.
I have friends that I hang out with around campfires and dining room tables and sometimes even at a local watering holes (sometimes more than sometimes). I get to see their faces, hear their laughter, or sense their uncomfortable mood after my comments about what they're wearing. Yellow Crocs? Really?
But, when you decide to relate to people only based on the font that Facebook chooses, you lose something. Most of my "friends" on Facebook haven't seen me in years. Most haven't even talked with me on the phone... EVER! Can you imagine a couple years ago if you said someone was your friend, but you had never talked with them in person or on a telephone... EVER?!? It is so surreal that if it weren't so prevalent, it would be psychotic.
So, I want to get out. It probably wont last. But, I'm going to try.
And anyway, I've still got campfires, dining room tables, pubs, restaurants, emails, texts, phones, and ummm, oh yeah... this blog.
-The G.O.

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