Sunday, April 19, 2015

Truck Stop Meditations

It's futile to exclaim, "Go back to New Jersey!" when you're already in New Jersey -and the clouds seem bigger in Florida. These are just two of the many few things I've noticed since I started truck driving. That's right, I'm a truck driver now. I always wanted to be a truck driver, though I honestly never thought I'd be a truck driver. So much different than the college professor I thought I'd be; wearing a houndstooth --no make that tweed-- jacket and having many semesters worth beautiful college girls who get turned on when I quote Chaucer.
I'm learning however, that not one singular idea of the person I thought I was going to be, trumps any other singular idea of the person who I thought I would be --or still think I may become. In fact, it turns out, that all these explorations of myself are more me than any one part of the sum. I'm a collection, and the collection is getting more varied and I think more valuable as the jobs, and days, and experiences vary.
Strange as it seems to me, I have to admit that I like this truck driving thing. I get to see people that I never would see otherwise and see some places that I would never see otherwise (truck stops are a little world unto themselves). So for now I am a truck driver.
Forward down the road and we'll see where it goes. The G.O.

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