Monday, June 1, 2015

Lexi the Wolf

She boarded the bus somewhere in New Jersey, but we didn't start talking until Pittsburgh.
"Are your eyes green?" I took a shot, horrible as I am with colors and opening lines.
"They're actually yellow AND green. Wolf eye."
She is on her way to Cincinnati to start a new life with her fiancée. They won't follow the "typical" young American career path. She is going to be his apprentice as a body-piercer while he continues to hone his craft as a tattoo artist. Young as they both are: he is twenty-one and she only nineteen, it is easy as a cynic to doubt the survival of their supposed shared future, but as a romantic, one can hope.
I'm envious for one million different reasons, none the least of which is her supreme confidence. I sense only slight trepidation on her part, but no more than any nineteen year old girl should have alone on a bus ride, leaving her less than supportive and borderline abusive family behind. She's starting something new.
Some girls her age leave for college or the thing they're "supposed" to do next, while they waffle in uncertainty, but she is focused. She knows what she wants and nothing, not even the inevitable disapproval from those in Jersey who claim her, will stop her from trying.
I'm jealous of her resolve. My own existence is often spent unsuccessfully straddling both the safe life and that of the adventurer. Never fully committing to either. A purgatory of passiveness. Asleep in the den while others like Lexi are on the hunt.
Some might see her at a slight disadvantage as the lone wolf, leaving the pack behind, her alpha male still a few hundred miles away, but she knows she has teeth and life is the flesh she consumes.
Better to miss a few kills while out on the hunt, howling at the moon, confident in the animal you are, than to shamelessly feed at the table of abundance, as a pretender.
-The G.O.  Near Columbus, OH

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